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Lady Accused Man Of Rape After He Rejected Her Love Advances - 'Woman Accused Man Of Rape After He Rejected Her Love Advances'

‘Woman Accused Man Of Rape After He Rejected Her Love Advances’

Maazi Ogbonnaya


A Nigerian linguist, Maazi Ogbonnaya has known as out girls falsely accusing males of rape to desist from it following the unhappy dying of Legend Izu Madubueze who took his life after wrongly being accused of rape.


Narrating a private story, Ogbonnaya mentioned it’s evil of ladies to falsely accuse males of rape.


He narrated a narrative how a good friend’s marriage was ruined after a lady who requested him out and was turned down, ganged up with associates to accuse him of rape.


Ogbonnaya wrote:


So this man was accused of rape by this she-devil. They ganged up together with her associates to accuse him and dragged him. An harmless younger man. His identify added to the record of rapists. He dedicated suicide, the satan ran away from Twitter.

You see, individuals like this make us ask questions when ladies accuse a person of rape however in Nigeria, should you ask a query, you’re robotically a rape apologist. In fact there should not be any query, however in a scenario some women see it as alternative for revenge. A woman I do know requested a good friend of mine out, he turned it down. The person posted his pre-wedding photos on social media, this similar girl teamed up together with her associates to say the person raped her 10 years in the past simply to make sure she pissed off the marriage. She was arrested afterwards and he or she confessed it is a lie.

You women leaping up and down, dragging what you do not know, cease shopping for instances earlier than you find yourself miserably, someday.

Individuals are actually asking why did the man commit suicide, is it not abnormal rape accusation? They have no idea there’s a register the place names of rapists are recorded. I received to know this on the European Union Embassy. You might be blacklisted in touring or doing different issues of significance. Other than that, your repute has been dragged to the mud. Individuals stigmatise you. Mates and households run away. Some go to jail for what they know nothing about. Twitter is the world, the place will this man go with out being tagged a rapist or extremely prevented.

This days, some ladies seduce a person to have intercourse with them, then flip round to accuse him of rape when their circumstances given after intercourse weren’t met. Like them carry themselves come, do end, say make you pay them cash, you no gree, them go name you rapist or drag you. It occurred in my neighborhood months in the past.

The case of this man, he by no means met this fool bodily. Report states that she’s been making advances towards the man in his DM and he turned her down, therefore this.

These fools make it arduous for actual rape victims which might be wanted to be heard , in order that they are going to be cured of the emotional trauma.

Not everybody can endure disgrace. I did not wish to blame the man for committing suicide cos not everyone seems to be as robust as we could look. The frustrations within the nation is sufficient for individuals to finish their lives. Though, nothing will be in comparison with life. We do not have the identical life orientation. Cease making life depressing for individuals round you. Many are weak. They’re uninterested in life already. Be a beacon of hope to these round you.

Now the boy is lifeless, this fool ought to rejoice then and eat his corpse and drink his blood. Bunch of idiots.


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