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University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022, Careers & Job Vacancies Portal (166 Positions)


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In this post, I will show all candidates for University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 November the Latest job positions, descriptions, eligibility, and how to apply. Submit Application online at See how to apply at UI recruitment portal.

The Basic requirements for UI  vacancies, application form, career openings for both fresh graduates & experience staffs, and recruitment process are contained in this article.

University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022

Latest University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022

UI invite suitably qualifies candidates who wish to work with them to apply for the numerous  vacancies positions that are currently available. Applicants can apply for any of the positions listed at University of Ibadan  recruitment portal. This University of Ibadan   recruitment are available until the specified closing date. University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022

University of Ibadan  2022 recruitment form is now made available to the general public. This company is known for career advancement. Anybody who wish to work in a company that values its employees are advised to apply for this listed s in this company.

UI  portal is open to any graduate no matter your state of origin or area of study. The most important thing here to make sure you apply for the position that suite your qualification. Application for this recruitment in UI can only be made once. Do not make the mistake of applying twice.

University of Ibadan Recruitment 2022

Do you wish to apply for  in UI? if yes, then this post for you. The recruitment is ongoing and you are advised to apply early to avoid missing your chances.

University of Ibadan (UI) Academic Staff Recruitment (83 Positions) – Part 2

1.) Assistant Lecturer (Media and Theatre Management)

2.) Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)

3.) Assistant Lecturer (Agrometeorology / Soil Water Management)

4.) Lecturer I (Structural and Materials Engineering)

5.) Lecturer I (Oral Medicine / Oral Pathology)

6.) Lecturer I / II (Poultry Pathology)

7.) Lecturer I (Conservative Dentistry)

8.) Lecturer I (Accounting)

9.) Lecturer I (Minerals, Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law)

10.) Lecturer I (Prosthetics Dentistry)

11.) Lecturer II (Urban Design and Safety, and Urban Security, Governance and Management)

12.) Lecturer II (Accounting)

13.) Lecturer II (Minerals, Petroleum, Energy Economics and Law)

14.) Lecturer I (Environmental Toxicology)

15.) Assistant Lecturer (Chemistry)

16.) Lecturer II (Digital Marketing)

17.) Assistant Lecturer (Educational Theatre)


Slot: 3

18.) Lecturer I (Orthodontist and Paediatric Dentist)

19.) Lecturer II (Estate Management)

20.) Assistant Lecturer (Adult Education)

21.) Lecturer II (Environmental Health Sciences)


22.) Lecturer II (Brand Management and Communication)

23.) Lecturer I (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

24.) Lecturer II (Marketing Strategy and Management)

25.) Lecturer II (Language)

26.) Lecturer I (Estate Management)


27.) Lecturer II (Organic Chemistry)

28.) Lecturer I (Anatomy)

29.) Lecturer II (Quantitative Finance and Financial Econometrics)

30.) Assistant Lecturer (Centre for Literacy Training and Development Programme for Africa (CLTDPA)


31.) Lecturer II (Anatomy)

32.) Reader / Professor (Chemistry)

33.) Lecturer I (Quantitative Finance and Financial Econometrics)

34.) Lecturer II (Health Promotion and Education)

35.) Lecturer II (Literature in English)


36.) Assistant Lecturer (Counselling and Human Development Studies)

37.) Lecturer II (Management Sciences)

38.) Lecturer II (Pharmacology and Toxicology)

39.) Lecturer II (Medical Microbiology or Chemical Pathology)


40.) Assistant Lecturer (Forest Operations / Forest Produce Harvesting)

41.) Assistant Lecturer (Literature in English)

42.) Lecturer I (Architecture)

43.) Lecturer II (Counselling and Human Development Studies)

44.) Lecturer II (Marketing)


University of Ibadan Recruitment 2022 Continue

45.) Lecturer I (Medical Microbiology or Chemical Pathology)

46.) Assistant Lecturer (Fish Post-harvest Technology and Product Development)

47.) Lecturer II (Architecture)


48.) Lecturer II (Pharmacognosy)

49.) Lecturer II (Pharmaceutics and Industrial Pharmacy)

50.) Lecturer II (Wildlife Environmental Toxicology)

51.) Assistant Lecturer (Lower Green Plants)


52.) Lecturer I (Pharmacognosy)

53.) Lecturer II (Veterinary Helminthology)

54.) Assistant Lecturer (Plant Genetics and Molecular Biology)

55.) Assistant Lecturer (Early Childhood and Educational Foundations)


56.) Lecturer II (Biostratigraphy)

57.) Lecturer I (Nutritional and Industrial Biochemistry)

58.) Assistant Lecturer (Philosophy)


Slot: 3

59.) Lecturer II (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

60.) Lecturer II/I (Clinical Trials and Pharmaco-epidemiology)

61.) Assistant Lecturer (Exploration Geophysics)

62.) Lecturer I / II – (Clinical Pharmacy / Pharmacy Administration)

63.) Lecturer II (Membrane Biochemistry and Biotechnology)


64.) Lecturer II (Microbiology)

65.) Assistant Lecturer (Microbiology)

66.) Lecturer II (Virology)

67.) Lecturer II (Music Technology)

68.) Assistant Lecturer (Composition, Ethnomusicology or Music Education)

69.) Lecturer I (Virology)

70.) Lecturer II (Philosophy)


Slot: 2

71.) Nursing Officer

72.) Assistant Lecturer (Linguistics – Syntax)

73.) Clerical Officer

74.) Assistant Laboratory Technologist

75.) Assistant Lecturer (Yoruba Language – Phonology)


76.) Assistant Executive Officer – Accounts

77.) Confidential Secretary III

78.) Data Processing Assistant

79.) Motor Driver / Mechanic

80.) Lecturer II (Veterinary Entomology)


81.) Programme / System Analyst II

82.) Accountant II

83.) Higher Executive Officer (Accounts)

Location: Oyo

Application Closing Date
20th October, 2022.


University of Ibadan (UI) Academic & Non-Academic  Recruitment 

1. Programme/System Analyst II – CONTISS 7

2. Accountant II – CONTISS 7

3. Higher Executive Officer (Accounts) – CONTISS 7

4. Assistant Executive Officer (Accounts) – CONTISS 5


5. Confidential Secretary III – CONTISS 5

6. Data Processing Assistant – CONTISS 3

7. Motor Driver/Mechanic – CONTISS 3

8. Clerical Officer – CONTISS 3

9. Nursing Officer – CONHESS 7

10. Assistant Laboratory Technologist – CONHESS 5

University of Ibadan  Recruitment Requirements

The basic University of Ibadan  recruitment requirements is clearly stated at the company website. It is important that any candidate who wish to apply for the listed s should read and understand the this requirements before proceeding to fill the University of Ibadan  recruitment form.

The requirements for University of Ibadan  recruitment 2022 is that the interested candidate must have undergone the basic educational training such as NCE, OND, HND or BSc degree. Applicants for the HND or BSc degree position must have done the NYSC scheme are required by the Nigerian government.

In addition to the basic requirement for this recruitment, applicants are also required to a valid means of identification such National id card, Drivers license, international passport, voters card as such would be required from them during the interview stage.

We do not need to mention that you need to dress well, have good analytical and communication skill. Sound knowledge in computer skills and possession of MSc degree would be an added advantage. However, you are to note that this is optional.

Before clicking the application button below, we have some career tips that would help you in your career pursuit. As you know that there tens of candidate applying for this . It is important you prepare your mind for new challenges. Set a goal for yourself, prepare well and make sure your CV is in line with the position you are applying for.


How to Apply for University of Ibadan  Recruitment 2022

To fill the University of Ibadan  recruitment form, you are to visit the University of Ibadan  recruitment portal by clicking on the link below;

For NON-ACADEMIC STAFF POSITIONS Click here for more information

For ACADEMIC STAFF POSITIONS Click here for more information

You are to click on the link above to select a position that suit your qualification and go through the s requirements.

Once you have decide on the position you wish to apply for, you are to proceed and click on the application link under the how to apply.

An acknowledgement slip will be issued to you after a successful application at: If you do not get a message, you are to check your email as this is a confirmation that you have applied for the recruitment.

We would like to know how you are doing concerning the University of Ibadan  recruitment 2022. Feel free to contact us using the comment box below. You are to note that has no influence on this  recruitment.

University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022

University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 October University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 October University of Ibadan (UI) Recruitment 2022 October

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