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Rebirth (3) – Newest Nigeria Information, Nigerian Newspapers, Politics

Olatunji Ololade


THE ethical nihilism espoused by the Nigerian elite would terrify shayateen. Treasury looters orchestrate violence, feign a illness, a handicap, or faint outright, in frantic bid to flee public inquiry and reply for his or her misdeeds.

Such comical jaunts have attained a pedestrian style of the splattering caper. It’s gross buffoonery but a pagan ceremony of worship in Nigeria’s sorely spiritualized and prejudiced political area – some rogue pastor or alfa, non secular and ethnic group ultimately points delicate or fiery threats to perceived “detractors” of their corrupt however favoured son or daughter.

Thus any blockhead or egghead might attain public workplace, loot the coffers and collapse throughout public inquiry, assured prejudiced help. It by no means will get outdated. Its a purely radical evil that eroticizes the horror banished by legislation and the ethical parliament.

However how has a nation of 200 million individuals or thereabouts sustained her subservience to a predatory political class? By sheer ignorance and Stockholm’s syndrome.

Acquiescence to the tyranny of corrupt management is a betrayal of humanity and nationwide ethics but a number of Nigerians select emasculation in quest of nationwide spoils. Some embrace their oppressors for a sentimental token therefore the preponderance of voters who squander mandate on a artful bum just because they’re of the identical tribe, faith, or political turf.

Morality will get smothered of their marriage to chthonian nature. However in such bestial union, who’s the giver of ache, and who receives it? Who turns into the teat by which the opposite suckles nourishment? The citizenry, in fact, at all times undergo the rusted finish of the verminous spigot.

Wordsworth assailed the delusions and folly of males, who thrust themselves upon the passive world as dictators or tyrant democrats – for each system of presidency, democracy inclusive, is a tyranny, I might say.

Mankind thrives by repression and social hierarchies, and tyrannies nourish by feminizing victimhood and rationalizing oppression. Thus Hitler mentioned, the plenty are female, and like Wordsworth’s thrusting, tyrant rulers, the Nigerian management rapes the populace, impaling their passive void with sadistic totems. Like enfant horrible rapists, the political class reduces its victims to instruments and possessions, passive objects that should be plowed and plundered in success of savage lusts.

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Corrupt management breeds unhealthy authorities and unhealthy authorities ruins nations. A manipulable citizenry, nonetheless, repulses nature. In Wordsworth’s play, The Borderers, “the tyranny of the world’s masters” lives solely “within the lethargic acquiescence of emasculated souls.” Dominance requires submission. And if political energy in the end asserts its fangs with ache, like sadomasochistic intercourse, as Paglia would say, then Nigeria should wean her coronary heart from emasculating meals. If she fails to do this, she would stay on her knees, eternally, pleasuring a bestial ruling class, and sucking from the fallacious spigot.

Gelded passivity manifests negatively when a nation acquiesces to the tyranny of a dominant, evil minority. Adorno understood that radical evil was potential by solely the collaboration of a timid, cowed, and confused inhabitants, manipulable by a system of propaganda and mass media providing spectacle and leisure as information, and an academic system incapable of transmitting transcendent values and nurturing particular person conscience. He feared a tradition that banished the anxieties and complexities of ethical alternative and embraced a infantile hyper-masculinity, writes Hedges.

These are, little doubt, the afflictions of recent Nigeria. Thus to realize political and socio-economic freedom, Nigerians should search first, psychological freedom, and a brand new class of citizenship and political management should emerge to actualize this.

Revolutionary actions just like the Presidential Aspirants Coming Collectively (PACT) have failed as a result of its management spoke in a egocentric, non-public dialect that obscured significant communication with the citizenry segments whose votes and help they wanted to upset the established order and achieve a foothold.

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Greed and covetousness stifled rationality and judgment amongst their elitist divide. Finally, they didn’t persuade the individuals, not to mention encourage their mandates.

To rescue Nigeria again from the vice-grip of its plunderers and oppressors, the brand new class of political management that I advocate should insert itself within the lives of the abnormal individuals, together with avenue urchins, industrial transporters, the armed forces, college students, shanty communities and the unemployed, whose votes and base sentimentality the ruling class persistently exploits at election time.

The continued pandemic gives this new breed of ‘elite’ aspirants ample alternatives to woo the individuals, the voter section, specifically, however as regular, they’ve retreated into their fancy fortresses, deigning contemptuous glances on the boondocks.

How visionary it could be for the PACT collective, as an illustration, to launch a humanitarian effort to distribute justifiable palliatives on to the citizenry segments impoverished by the pandemic, amongst different efforts. This, in fact, could possibly be misconstrued as a variant of the manipulative character usually deployed as a part of the political class’s artifice however it could be of a disarmingly milder tenor.

There may be nonetheless time for the self-styled “disrupters” and “individuals’s liberators” to upset and re-order the political area. Most profitable revolutions are essentially non-violent. The Russian Revolution was victorious as soon as the Cossacks refused to fireplace on the protesters in Petrograd in 1917 and joined the crowds. And the clerics who overthrew the Shah of Iran in 1979 received as soon as the Shah’s navy deserted the collapsing regime.

The superior drive of despotic management is disarmed not by means of violence however by means of conversion. The electoral superb by which many vote for a candidate with out reflecting over the import of their votes, is totally fallacious and should be repudiated. In Nigeria’s case, the revolution should be achieved through the poll field.

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There should be a renegotiation of norms and concessions round Nigeria’s nationhood. Within the new deliberations, negotiating events should come to the desk as equals. These human segments normally exploited as pawns by the incumbent political class should be wooed by providing them extra dignified and pivotal positions on the desk. This might excite their confidence within the hypothesized epoch the place the federal government is humane and leaders actually serve the pursuits of the citizenry.

Then, there may be the conundrum of Nigeria’s severely tribalized politics. The north in fact, given its legendary expanse and inhabitants, might loom bigger, casting a shadow over the sunny hopes of its ‘rivals’ and contenders to the spoils of the Nigerian enterprise. To this intimidating actuality, the southwest, south-south, and south-east areas should unite and converse with one voice.

Come 2023, the southern areas should unite behind joint candidates, on one platform, pushed by unity of objective and enlightenment. To realize this, nonetheless, the southerners should attain inside concord and neuter all Judases. They need to bury the hatchet, forgive outdated rivalries to start a brand new belief, and the greening of their stakes inside the Nigerian enterprise…If they might obtain this, they’d earn the respect of their northern kin

Maybe seeds of such large elms might sprout by Nnamdi Kanu’s latest admonishment to his Igbo/IPOB brothers to cease insulting and alienating the Yoruba. Nigeria’s southern areas should thunder as one voice within the political area.

So doing, they’d earn the respect of their northern kin; the latter will grudgingly present them regard at first, then as actuality dawns that their southern family members are decided to renegotiate their stakes within the Nigerian enterprise as equals, they’ll study persistence and humble dedication to resolving Nigeria’s useful resource and nationhood rhetoric.


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