Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been wondering why their November payroll status was removed, infact majority of the N-Power Batch C Volunteers felt that something was actually wrong with their payroll tab thinking they will not be paid for November.

The reason for the withdrawal of the November payroll status is just to satisfy NPower Batch C Volunteers better, as earlier discussed, the N-Power payment process is done separately and will be dispatched likewise, in a nutshell the payment will be made month after month and not jointly, after the payment of October stipend which will start soon the November stipend follows likewise, this method of payment allows for convenience and eliminates any form of congestion, payment errors and bottle necks when the payment actually starts.

NPower volunteers having the pending status will definitely be paid, after the pending the next stage has to be processing, then to paid finally, all N-Power Batch C Volunteers should take note, you can only be paid the moment your payroll status changes to PROCESSING, all N-Power Batch C Volunteers should ignore other volunteers claiming to have been paid while their payroll status is pending, please this is not the procedure for payment.


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