Reason Why Npower Introduced The Resignation Tab On NASIMS Portal

Reason Why Npower Introduced The Resignation Tab On NASIMS Portal

NPower Latest News: Lots of Npower Batch C Volunteers have been asking the question “why did Npower introduce the resignation tab on NASIMS portal?”
The answer to the above question is very simple, the resignation tab was introduced for the following reasons below:

1) An Npower Batch C Volunteer might have gotten another civil service job and might want to resign in order to avoid being flagged and lose both his or her civil service job and the Npower volunteering job.

2) Another reason for introducing the resignation tab, is to accommodate other Npower Batch C Volunteers already on the waiting list, once an existing Npower volunteer resigns, the slot is given to another Npower volunteer to make up the target number the Npower program requires.

3) Another reason is that apart from the Npower volunteer securing another job in a civil service establishment, the Npower volunteer might have gotten a job in a private enterprise and the pay discrepancies might be much, therefore the Npower volunteer can opt for resignation from the Npower program.

4) The resignation tab was introduced to make the Npower program highly formal and official, so that an Npower volunteer will not just leave the Npower program and yet continue to receive stipend, once you click on the resignation tab, you might still be entitled to stipend for a month, before the Npower volunteers name is completely removed from the payroll list.

Please do not click the resignation tab if you are undecided and in a situation of doubt, all Npower Batch C Volunteers will be paid regardless of the current delays in payment, please be rest assured, those Npower volunteers that have not been paid since September are not really doing the right thing, please do not be deceived, if you do the right thing and adhere to all instructions with respect to payment issues you will be paid, the crux of payment issues boils down on names mismatch and incorrect account number and incorrect account names.


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