The Petroleum Technology Department Fund (PTDF) wishes to inform all candidates who applied for the M.Sc and PhD scholarship in the 2020 / 2021 PTDF Overseas Scholarship Scheme that the list of successful candidates for the award has now been published on the PTDF website ( and the PTDF Scholarship Management portal respectively.

PTDF Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS) List of Successful Candidates for 2020 / 2021 Scholarship Awards

All interested candidates are invited to visit the website and the scholarship portal for the names and information of successful awardees.

Three Hundred and Ninety-one (391) candidates have been selected to receive the award; this comprises 237 M.Sc candidates and 154 PhD candidates. These numbers represent three(3) highest scoring candidates per State under the United Kingdom (UK) Partnerships, and Three (3) per State under the Germany, France, China and Malaysia (GFCM) Strategic Partnerships for the M.Sc category. This is in addition to the next highest scoring candidate per oil-producing State and the next highest scoring female candidate per geo-political zone.

For the PhD category, two (2) highest scoring candidates per State have been selected for the award under the United Kingdom (UK) and Germany, France, China and Malaysia (GFCM) Partnerships.

This is in addition to the next highest-scoring female candidate per geo-political zone. The PTDF scholarship award selection process reflects the Fund’s firm commitment to promoting meritocracy while adhering to the Federal Character principles and the Local Content stipulations.

The Virtual Induction Ceremony for the awardees has been scheduled to hold on (August 23rd, 2021, by 9:00 am). During the Induction Programme, the awardees will be briefed on the completion of their documentation, preliminary medical checks, and departure preparations.

Successful candidates have been contacted with specific induction schedules as well as further information on the upcoming programme.

Click Here to View the List of Successful Candidates

For those who can not remember the call for the scholarship application, please click the link below:
PTDF Overseas Scholarship Scheme (OSS) Selection Interview for 2020/2021 Academic Session


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