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The Ogun State Economic Transformation Project (OGSTEP) is a comprehensive effort that will help propel Ogun into a high-income State that is inclusive and sustainable. The program will lift Ogun’s gross national income and raise per capita income, meeting the World Bank’s threshold for high income state. The purpose of OGSTEP is to increase the participation of the private sector in the economy of Ogun State with a focus on improving the business-enabling environment, strengthening agri-food value-chains and upgrading skills.

OGSTEP, along with the Government State Development Program (SDP) serves to achieve economic development in the state. OGSTEP builds upon the policy directions, strategies and programs of the SDP (organized around five cardinal programs covering agriculture production and industrialization, infrastructure and rural development, education, health, and affordable housing and urban renewal) and aims to accelerate strategic reforms and public investments to enable greater private sector participation in the State’s economy.

Consequent to the above, it will increase the State revenue and help achieve the Government Transformation Project. Ogun State is also focusing on governance as a cross-cutting area to improve government efficiency in the delivery of key SDP outcomes and to ensure the sustainability of these outcomes through results-driven financing of the cardinal programs. The project proposes to support a subset of the overall expenditure program of the State that are related to the SDP’s cardinal objective of agricultural production and industrialization, alongside skills development and improved public sector performance. With combined use of result-based financing and technical assistance, the World Bank is well-positioned to support Ogun State in implementing the SDP.

The project funding will consist mainly of IDA credit (World Bank Group) and will be disbursed base on the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs) in components/Result areas. The program will last for a period of five (5) years all things being equal.

Latest Ogun State Government Recruitment 2021 Positions:


1.) Project Manager, Business Enabling Environment (BEE)

Location: Ogun

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2.) Project Manager (Agriculture)

Location: Ogun

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Application Closing Date
6th September, 2021.

How To Apply For Ogun State Government Recruitment 2021

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