NPower News: If you are an Npower Batch C beneficiary and most times when you check your payroll status you are greeted with either “no action taken”, “transaction failed” “transaction does not exist” etc please if you were paid September it simply means that your account passed the validation process and your account is very okay and you will be paid, Npower NASIMS management is not paying everyone at the same time, the payment is done periodically, this is because they electronic payment being used cannot allow for an extremely large bulk payment simultaneously, that is why the payment is done sequentially.

If everyone is paid at once it might crash the NIBSS Nigeria Inter Bank Settlement Scheme payment server, Npower uses a slower payment electronic transfer payment known as NEFT National Electronic Fund Transfer payment system, this payment system has a maximum amount to be transfered at specific periods, that is why some Npower volunteers receive payment while others are in the queue, every Npower volunteer will be paid all Npower Batch C Volunteer should understand the mode of payment and exercise patience.

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