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NPowernews – The N – Power programme was established by the country’s president – general Muhammadu Buhari to help tackle unemployment & alleviate poverty in the nation. Read the latest trends, including registration, recruitment, shortlist, transition, N-Exit, NASIMS online portal information etc. This is for non-graduates & graduates irrespective of NYSC.

NPower Batch C: How To Get Your Reference ID
Lots of NPower Batch C applicant do not actually know or might have forgotten the actual NPower category they applied for, to know the particular category applied for the answer lies on the N – Power Batch C applicant’s Reference ID, now the question is “how do you gain access to the NPower Reference ID?” Remember during

NPower Batch C: How To Check The Category You Applied For
Most NPower Batch C applicants must have actually forgotten the N – Power category they applied for, please if you are an N – Power Batch C applicant and have forgotten the N – Power category you applied, Login into your profile and access your N – Power Reference ID, NPWR/2021/NTECH1-XXXXXXXX, the part on the NPower Reference…

NPower Batch C: How Often To Attend Your PPA
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants have been asking the question with regards to how many times an N-Power Batch C Volunteer is expected to be at his or her Place of Primary Assignment in a week or month. The write up below answers this question, but I repeat all NPower Batch C Volunteers must adopt this with great caution…

400,000 youths benefit from NPower, says NASS C’ttee
The House of Representatives Committee on Poverty Alleviation and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency (SMEDAN) says 400,000 youths have benefited from the NPower Scheme. Rep. Balarabe Salame, Chairman of the committee, in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Friday in Abuja…

NPower Batch C: Deployment/physical Verification Will Be Communicated Via Email/SMS
According to NPower (NASIMS) there is no fixed date yet for N-Power physical verification and deployment, but the NPower physical verification/deployment exercise will commence soon. All NPower Batch C applicants will be communicated to through emails or SMS once a date is fixed…

NPower Batch C Verification: 5 Reasons Why You Should Not Rush To Your LGA
Here are few reasons why NPower Batch C applicants should not be in a hurry to rush to their Local Government Area (LGA): 1) Dispatching the NPower deployment list to N-Power Focal Persons does not mean that the NPower physical verification will commence immediately. 2) The NPower deployment list have to be printed. 3) The NPower deployment list has to be pasted on all Local Government…
Npower Batch C deployment will soon commence, here at empowerment opportunities we would like to share this important information to Npower batch C beneficiaries so they would be updated and ready for their Place of primary Assignment (PPA). The idea of Npower when it  comes to deployment is to place beneficiaries…

NPower Batch C: Physical Verification Facts and Guidelines
The NPower Physical Verification stage is the process of physically verifying the Age, Gender, Residential Address, Local Government Area (LGA), Academic Qualification, and NYSC (for graduate category) completion of N-Power Batch C applicants. NPower Batch C Physical Verification will commence soon, please all NPower Batch C applicants should take note of the following facts and guidelines

Npower Batch C List Sent to State Focal Persons for Physical Verification and Deployment
Information reaching us at is that Npower Batch C Stream 1 list of Successful Beneficiaries has been sent to all 36 States Focal Persons for Physical Verification and deployment. The management of the Npower Programme will soon release a statement regarding the list sent to state focal persons for deployment…
Although the BVN print out might not be an essential document for the physical screening exercise, that is, should there be an NPower physical verification, but the BVN print out, is necessary to clear any benefits of doubt that might affect an NPower Batch C applicant’s payment, probably due to name and age mismatch

5 Ways To Protect Your NPower (NASIMS) Portal
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants have been complaining that whenever they login into their NPower (NASIMS) Profile they do see another information most times on their portal, infact an N-Power Batch C applicant (name withheld) said another BVN number was being displayed on the portal, some NPower Batch C applicants also experience a completely different NPower ID when they log into the NPower NASIMS portal

NPower Batch C: No Official Date For Deployment
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants have been asking the question about when exactly would deployment commence? Infact most N-Power Batch C applicants have been saying “done with biometrics when will deployment commence”? For now, according to NASIMS NPower there is no official date for NPower Batch C1 deployment (see attached screenshot as evidence), all N-Power Batch C1 Applicants have always been implored to keep checking their NASIMS NPower dashboard for updates

Reason Why NPower Batch C Applicants Were Told To Carry Out Biometrics
The following are reasons why NPower Batch C applicants were told to carry out the NPower NASIMS Biometric Enrollment Fingerprint Capturing – the Biometrics Enrollment Fingerprint Capturing was conducted in order to authenticate the Bank Verification Number (BVN) of NPower Batch C applicants; the NPower NASIMS Biometric Enrollment is to determine…

NPower Batch C: How To Fix “Hidden Score” Issue
A lot of NPower Batch C applicants after login into their NPower (NASIMS) portal, noticed the sudden disappearance of their N-Power online test score. In fact, some NPower Batch C applicants are even told to take test again, please do not retake the test, the NPower Batch C applicant’s score is still intact in the NPower (NASIMS) database at the back end, the test score was only hidden by the IT Department…

NPower Batch C Stream 2 Date Uncertain
NPower (NASIMS) has responded and clarified pending issues as regards the commencement date for the shortlisting of NPower Batch C2, that is the next stream of the NPower Batch C program. The statement was very clear from NPower (NASIMS) stream 2 has not commenced and there is no fixed date yet…

Categories Of Npower Batch C Applicants That May Not Be Shortlisted
The NPower Programme is a job creation and skills empowerment programme of the Federal Government of Nigeria. The Programme is designed to target Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 and aims to help young Nigerians acquire and develop life-long skills to become practical solution providers in their communities…

NPower Batch C1 List Not Yet Sent To States
NPower Focal Persons at individual States are yet to receive the list of N-Power Batch C Volunteers Stream 1, NPower State Focal Persons have lamented the delay in the process of sending the list of N-Power Batch C Volunteers to the states from the Ministry for Humanitarian Affairs. This delay would slow down the deployment of N-Power Batch C1

The Reason Why Npower Stream 2 Shortlisting Did Not Commence On June 15
The reason why Npower Stream 2 Shortlisting Did Not Commence On June 15 as earlier reported. CareerNews gathered that the National Social Investment Management (NASIMS) has stated that shortlisting of  Batch ‘C’ Stream 2 on 15th June, 2021 was not officially announced by its management

CBN Empowerment Portal Login 2021 Page for Exited NPower Beneficiaries | NPowerNews

The CBN in conjunction with the federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development has launched a new portal that enables Exited N-Power beneficiaries apply for the Central Bank of Nigeria empowerment options. The mandate of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is derived from the 1958 Act of Parliament, as amended in 1991, 1993,1997,1998,1999 and 2007. The CBN Act of 2007 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria charges the Bank with the overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government.

OBJECTIVES OF THE NEXIT CBN Online Empowerment Portal

The goal of the NEXIT portal includes;

  • determination of the suitability of candidates for the CBN programme
  • select the different CBN support options
  • facilitate registration and application

About the NEXIT CBN Portal for Exited Npower Beneficiaries Empowerment | ELIGIBILITY

  • The Empowerment application Nexit portal is for exited N-Power beneficiaries
  • The portal is designed to help exited N-Power beneficiaries benefit from CBN ongoing Empowerment Options.
  • It provides interested candidates with all needed information and also helps to determine their suitability.
  • Interested Candidates should proceed to the login portal.

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How to Apply for the CBN Empowerment Portal 2021 (Exited NPower Beneficiaries)

  1. To login, follow the link:
  2. Enter your username and password or click on ‘Sign Up Here‘ for new registration
  3. Fill in your email, password, names and BVN & click the ‘submit‘ button
  4. A mail would be sent to your email box. Open your inbox for a link to confirm your email
  5. Complete other information as required.

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