NPower News: Npower Nexit soft loan training for next batch will not commence by April but after business proposals have been submitted.

Some exited volunteers have been asking the question if the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs said that the Npower NEXIT training next batch will start by April, please the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs have not made any statement regarding the Npower NEXIT training for batch 2, the Minister for Humanitarian Affairs only said that the NEXIT training will accommodate over 460,000 exited Npower volunteers.

The NEXIT soft loan training for the second batch will start after the business plans of all the Npower Batch A and B volunteers have been adjusted and submitted to the relevant financial institutions through the state NEXIT training consultants.

Npower Nexit Training Center / Venue Nationwide (Full list) & EDIs Agency contact numbers

Following the announcement of the Nexit Training Date For Exited Npower Beneficiaries to begin on the 14th of March, 2022, scroll down to download the full list of the Nexit training centers and venues nationwide and its Its EDIs Agency contact numbers. Check the Nexit venue and the agency phone number in charge of the training across the country…Read More


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