NPower Latest News: Their are lots of uncertainty, anger and agitations from all Npower Batch C Volunteers the Batch C Volunteers without payment issues and also the Npower Batch C Volunteers with payment issues, all and sundry are agitated for a common reason which is non payment of their stipend, regrettably this is understandable but I find it extremely impossible for the Batch C programme to come to a conclusion without Batch C Volunteers not being paid.

At this moment every Npower Batch C Volunteers should have it at the back of their minds that they will definitely be paid, as earlier said please if you cannot transport yourself to your place of primary assignment please do not go to your place of primary assignments everyday until you have been paid, payment will commence soon.

Npower Batch C Volunteers that are having transport challenges going to their places of primary assignment should communicate with their heads of departments to grant them permission for coming at least for three days until they are paid their stipends.


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