Npower Batch C Stream 2, How To Fix BVN Error Message Issue As an Npower batch C stream 2 applicant Shortlisted for biometrics fingerprint capturing verification Process and You keep receiving error message during the fingerprint verification.

In the Process of verification, when trying to fill the form it will lead you to getting a response that says the BVN has been used already? Well if you find yourself in this situation then we advised you to follow the instructions below! Nasims self service.

  • Please note that phones can not be used for biometrics fingerprint capturing. Before you click on that fingerprint capturing button, make sure that you are at the cyber cafe to Capture your fingerprint or you have a laptop with the fingerprint capturing device. At this point any mistake can hinder your deployment.
  • All you need to do is to bypass filling the form that pop-up when you click the capture fingerprint button on your Nasims dashboard. You can do that by directly using the nasims biometrics fingerprint capturing software which I believe if you visit any of the cyber cafe doing Npower verification will already have downloaded.
  • You will only required your Npower ID number to login to the downloaded Nasims biometrics fingerprint capturing software to capture your fingers at the cyber cafe.
  • You are required to capture all your fingers starting from the left hand to the right.

Remember that your Nasims dashboard login details is a secret and should not be revealed publicly.

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Npower Batch C Stream 2, How To Fix BVN Error Message Issue


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