How To Download and Install the Nasims Batch C Stream 2 Biometric Enrollment Software:

In the latest Npower News today – As Npower begins shortlisting Batch C Stream 2 beneficiaries for Biometrics and Fingerprinting. The article is for Batch C Npower Applicants whose profile has been Successfully screened for verification and need to do a fingerprint capturing.

NB: If your profile has not been verified, pls ignore this until your profile is verified.

How do you know if your profile has been successfully verified? You will have to read this, How to check your Npower Batch C Shortlisted verification status to know-how

This is to help you overcome the stress of going through the Nasims portal before you do the fingerprint capturing because of the slow loading of the portal.

Before you can Successfully do the Npower Nasims biometrics with your phone or computer, you will be Required to Install an application if your device does not already have it. See more Details below.

Npower Nasims Batch C Stream 2 Biometric Enrollment Download

Module:NASIMS Biometric
Package Name:NASIMS Biometric Enrollment

How to Download Npower Nasims Biometric Enrollment

The following prerequisite is required and will be install during the installation:

  • .NET Desktop Runtimes

If these components are already installed, you can launch the application now. Otherwise, click the button below to install the prerequisites and run the application.


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