How To Check Name for Batch A or B Npower Nexit Training

How To Check Name for Batch A or B Npower Nexit Training

How To Check Name for Batch A or B Npower Nexit Training

How To Check Name for Batch A or B Npower Nexit Training In the latest Npower Nexit Training News Today – We @Hotgist discussed on how you will know if you are selected among the 75k 1st batch beneficiaries to begin training next week.

Following the Nexit training email invitation sent out by the Npower management team, we noticed that a lot of the nexit applicants were complaining of not receiving the email invitation notification and so they are worried and not really clear if they are selected among the 75, 600 first batch beneficiaries.

In that regards, we have decided to create this article to give you an idea of the selection process. Read below:

Sending bulk SMS or email sometimes do not really get to the receiver as expected because of network congestion and as such, it is very important for the receiver to be smart, on the lookout at all time for an alternative update in order not to miss opportunities.

If you participated in the Nexit training status check and training availability confirmation using the NSIP USSD service code *45665#, then you should by now know the batch you belong to.

Below is how to know if you belong to the first batch Nexit training:

  • You participated in the training location check by checking your status and seeing that you were Shortlisted
  • You also did the training availability confirmation and got a response that you have been selected for training in February.
  • You received the Nexit training email or SMS invitation from your trainer agency

However, If you got the response as seen above and have not received an email invitation, be patient as the email invitation has only been received in a few states. Look out for a training invitation from a trainer agency in your state and try to check out the training center and date in your location to attend the training.

Note that, the Nexit Scheme management team has the final say regarding how the training is conducted. So watch out for more updates as soon as they are released by the management team.

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