How Coronavirus kills its victims

How Coronavirus kills its victims

Niyi Akinnaso


THIS essay has two apparently contradictory messages. On the one hand, it affirms that the coronavirus illness, in any other case referred to as COVID-19, isn’t essentially a demise sentence. There are nations, resembling Uganda and Vietnam, which have recorded no deaths to this point, regardless of confirmed circumstances of coronavirus. Though over 500 deaths have been recorded in Nigeria, almost double that quantity has recovered from the illness. However that is just one aspect of the story.

Then again, the coronavirus illness is a demise bomb for sure people who’re contaminated. That’s why over half a billion individuals to this point have died of the virus worldwide. True, individuals with pre-existing circumstances, resembling coronary heart, lung, or kidney illness, are at larger danger of demise, the info to this point present that the virus can kill nearly anyone. But, there’s neither a licensed remedy nor a vaccine towards the virus as of as we speak.

Within the seek for remedy or vaccine, researchers have studied the behaviour of the virus within the final six months, whereas others have studied chosen autopsies of lifeless victims, so as to perceive why so many individuals have died of the virus. Such information is critical so as to develop an efficient remedy or vaccine.

Three findings stand out. First, there isn’t any doubt that the coronavirus is able to laying its victims to waste as it will possibly trigger large devastation of assorted organs. When the virus enters by means of the mouth, nostril, or eyes, its first house is the higher respiratory tract. The virus binds to specific receptors and start to duplicate itself. The receptors, technically referred to as Ace-2, assist in regulating blood stress. They’re frequent within the higher respiratory tract however are additionally discovered within the lungs, coronary heart, kidney, gut, blood vessels, and even the mind.

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Analysis exhibits that the virus might migrate from this preliminary binding to the receptors within the different organs listed above. The presence of the virus in these receptors, particularly these within the blood lining, would be the purpose for the unusually extreme clotting of the blood and why sufferers with hypertension and diabetes are at very excessive danger. Worse nonetheless, Ace-2 receptors might assist the virus attain so far as the mind, the place it binds to the Ace-2 receptors within the mind. This may occasionally nicely clarify among the bizzare signs of the virus, resembling lack of style and odor, erratic respiration, irregular heartbeat, seizures, stroke, and even nervous breakdown.

Second, it has been discovered that it’s not the virus alone, which kills its victims. The physique’s defence mechanism deployed in preventing the virus can overreact and trigger demise. Right here, in a nutshell, is the way it occurs. When a pathogen (virus, bacterium, or another microorganism) enters the physique, immune cells are drawn to the purpose of an infection to destroy the intruder. A protein, technically referred to as cytokine, is launched by the physique to coordinate the physique’s response to the intruder. Within the course of, extra white blood cells are produced, which rush to the purpose of an infection to battle it. Irritation follows as a part of the method of therapeutic the physique from the an infection.

Sadly, nevertheless, the physique’s immune system can overreact, resulting in a “cytokine storm”, whereby extra immune cells are produced, resulting in hyper-inflammation. Within the course of, the physique is destroyed together with the virus. The affected person might get higher and even check destructive for the virus, whereas nonetheless in hospital. Nonetheless, a number of organs might have been destroyed and blood stress might drop to harmful ranges. When a affected person will get to this stage, demise usually follows.

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A 3rd main discovering helps to clarify why people differ of their response to coronavirus an infection, that’s, why some die whereas others survive, even in previous age. First, though people share the identical genes, the methods during which the genes are regulated within the physique differ from individual to individual. Due to this fact, many victims of coronavirus might climate the storm and survive the an infection, whereas others succumb to it, relying on their genetic make-up. Genetic variation may additionally clarify why Ace-2 receptors are expressed in another way in several organ tissues, relying on the person.

As indicated earlier, the underlying situation of the varied organs can be a vital issue. That’s why these with preexisting circumstances are at a lot larger danger. Nonetheless, because the above findings and the info on coronavirus deaths present, there have been individuals with no preexisting situation, who nonetheless nonetheless died of the virus. Not simply previous individuals, however younger people as nicely.

It’s pure for readers of this essay to ask: What’s the therapy or what’s one of the best therapy? The easy fact is that, as of as we speak, there isn’t any remedy for coronavirus. Every case is usually managed because it comes and because the affected person’s situation deteriorates. This isn’t to say that there aren’t any therapy choices. The bare fact is that no possibility has been discovered to utterly stop demise in all sufferers and even within the majority of sufferers.

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That leaves you and me with the non-pharmaceutical possibility of following the WHO-sanctioned tips, supplied by the Nigeria Centre for Illness Management and echoed repeatedly by the Presidential Job Pressure on COVID 19:

  • Keep at dwelling, if you’re not working or on important service.
  • Put on face masks, in the event you exit. You must even put on one at dwelling, if you’re coughing or sneezing or if somebody in your family is.
  • Preserve bodily distancing of no less than six ft (ese bata mefa) everytime you exit.
  • Keep away from touching your mouth, nostril, or eyes.
  • Wash your fingers often with cleaning soap or alcohol-based sanitizer.
  • Major good general hygiene always, together with often wiping door handles, distant controls, and your telephones, with disinfectant.

As well as, the oga amongst us should make sure that their aides, drivers, cooks, gardeners, and different dependents or co-workers observe these tips. They need to work with leaders of their main or secondary communities to coach individuals in regards to the existence and prevalence of this virus and to allow them to know that it will possibly kill.

For now, following these mitigation measures is our greatest guess. To place it in one other approach, one of the best remedy for coronavirus for now’s NOT to catch the illness in any respect.






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