Fathers, Nigeria has a male downside (2)

Fathers, Nigeria has a male downside (2)

Olatunji Ololade

Poisonous masculinity’ is the brand new rage. It connotes all the pieces supposedly unsuitable with Nigeria’s male people. Coined in supposedly feminist circuits, an obsession with it on the homefront highlights the workings of the misandrist thoughts. Yea, most of Nigeria’s self-confessed feminists are misandrists or closet man-haters.

Lets apologise to ‘reasonable’ or ‘conservative feminists?’ It’s solely honest that they reply for society’s affliction by Feminazis simply because the latter tars each male with the sins of misogyny.

Man hating feminists are carried out enjoying catch-up ball. Like tyrant nature, they’re making up the principles and redefining the parameters of gender relations of their onslaught in opposition to man and society.

They hope that by recasting man’s identification within the furnace of their torrid mind, the patriarchy can be cowed and defeated. So far as utopian fantasies go, that’s achievable solely in misandrist dystopia.

By chanting the sins of poisonous maleness, they search to drive males on a defensive swerve. With delusional certitude, they goal to usurp the patriarchy and seize management of society. However like all issues novel, they’ll take pleasure in their seasons of anomie and pretension to sentience. They may appear to ‘run issues,’ till their sandcastles come tumbling down.

The Nigerian man should, nonetheless, dwell to thwart the onset of misandrist dystopia. Proper now, he manifests as a misplaced trigger. Having strayed within the maze of perverse feminist plots and literature, he navigates manhood, answering to name-plates solid by his nemesis.

By remoulding him right into a demon, a doormat and social affliction, feral misandrists, or Feminazis, in case you like, acquire an edge over him. The exploitative nature of rapists, murderers, looters, assassins, paedophiles, and tyrants amongst males additional affirms misandrist claims in opposition to the Nigerian man.

They argue, “Since man is a beast and affliction to girls and the girl-child, he should be inconsequential within the scheme of issues.” In reality, he’s.

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Misandry and demonisation of males have devalued male price to the extent that society is blasé concerning the predicament of males and the boy-child. That is chargeable for the surprising bias within the lack of consideration to males’s and boys’ well being typically, as an example, whereas the mass media and well being advocacy teams perpetually obsess about girls’s well being and the girl-child’s.

The absurdity of this mindset is that whereas women are badgered with essential well being info even earlier than puberty, boys, with whom they interact in random acts of sexual misdemeanour and experimentation are just about ignored.

The cultural and institutional misandry perpetuated by misguided ‘feminists’ irritate the destruction of the household system and deny the boychild the boon of an exterior function mannequin particularly when he should search exterior his household for heroes.

Boys are in hassle; because of the lack of optimistic male function fashions of their lives, they get what they will from TV, anti-male movies, and video video games. All they want is somebody whose exemplary footsteps they might observe however the society gives them solely males they might dumb right down to.

A current evaluation of two, 000 mass media portrayals of males and male identities, discovered that males had been depicted principally as villains, aggressors, perverts, and philanderers. From this stock-pile of anti-heroes, the boy-child is predicted to navigate for an excellent male identification.

Selling the picture of males as juvenile, imply, and silly is cynical and exploitative, which makes the tide of inverse sexism that has swamped out tv screens much more appalling.

In fashionable Nigeria, boys and younger males undergo a dire lack of function fashions, particularly if they’re raised in a single-parent residence, as one in eight youngsters now are. The scenario is worsened by the dearth of optimistic function fashions in authorities and the perpetuation of overwhelmingly unfavourable photographs of males by the media and feminist scholarly analysis.

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In the end such portrayals result in unfavourable social prices for society in areas reminiscent of male well being, rising suicide charges, and household disintegration. It is a precarious age for the boychild. He’s taught to repudiate patriarchal notions of manhood and imbibe effeminacy because the cornerstone of his turning into.

In case you are a father studying this, it isn’t too late to show your son to be a person. Train him to dismiss aggressive and perverse conditioning hurled at him within the classroom, within the worship homes, by the mainstream and new media.

Train him to be happy with the patriarchy, and contribute to its ontology by his blooming as an developed man. Train him to be pitiless with odds however light and agency with feral females. Train him to be simply and humane, neutral, and sort, in his dealings with each genders. Don’t ever, ever exit of your solution to elevate him as a feminist. As an alternative, train him to be human. It’s sufficient to lift him on a gruelling weight-reduction plan of robust love, humaneness, godliness, compassion, and trustworthy business.

Don’t elevate your son to be gender-neutral. Train him that gender is rarely fully a social assemble and that the ‘nature vs nurture’ dichotomy is a farce. Cultures construct on organic basis. Therefore biologic determinism precedes socially learnt roles. It’s nature and nurture engaged in advanced interactions.

Train him that it’s by no means manly to hit a girl regardless of the magnitude of her toxicity. Train him to grasp, that, if feminism for all its double customary and monstrosities is asserted a motion for ladies’s emancipation and equality with males, chauvinism too could go as each his rampart and riposte to the poisonous feminist’s gendered storms.

Train him to redefine chauvinism as a motion for household, nationalism, and human rights. Train him to keep away from dwelling to stereotypes and the entrapment of what the Yoruba proverbially dissects as ‘Iku ti npa ni.’

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Train him to cope with his girl with warning; even whereas loving her deeply, defending her and offering all of her wants, he should always remember to protect self and household.

Train him to honour girls of all shades and temperament. Even essentially the most poisonous feminist deserves his respect and present of refined re-enlightenment. If her mood will get too ugly like a wilding’s, train him the knowledge of conserving the gap and self-preservation.

The Nigerian boychild wants worthy function fashions not like the sex-crazed, drug addicts parading as hip hop artistes, business titans, and politicians amongst others. Train him to grasp that not all males would attain the peak and billions of Aliko Dangote and that success is rarely at all times decided by his fellowship of Tony Elumelu’s Heirs’ community.

Assist him perceive that it’s sickly to say that as a millennial, he has no time to learn. He hasn’t the eye span of a dimwit, does he? Train him to understand literature’s lengthy reads and journalism’s lengthy types as the most effective of mankind’s mental items.

And above all, give him the present of imaginative and prescient and better studying. Train him to grasp that progress in human affairs is extra usually a pull than a push, a surging ahead of the Olympian, and the lifting of his weaker friends, no matter gender, slowly and painfully to his vantage floor, as Du Bois would say.

Let this be a part of your present of manhood to the boy-child. He wants not alms, however a trainer; not rage, however character.


  • This piece was printed final yr however edited and reproduced in commemoration of the current Fathers’ Day celebration.

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