Making mistakes as a student can be very annoying. As this often leads to failure. Most students fail as a result of mistakes they keep making and it is unknown to them. As every student dreams to do well in their academics, they should also be conscious of mistakes and avoid them at all cost. These mistakes are the cause of regret among students.

1.You procrastinate – Procrastination is a thief of time . As a student, avoid leaving things that are supposed to be done today for tomorrow. Failure as a student often starts with Procrastination. Leaving that assignment that is supposed to be attended to today for tomorrow and sleeping 30 minutes longer before leaving for lecture are all Procrastination.

2.Not knowing your target – Life as a student can be very challenging and demanding at the same time. Different activities come your way and demand attention . Some can be very important, some urgent, some necessary. A student who does not know his or her target finds it more difficult making the right decision. Setting out your target as a student helps you prioritize your time and pursuance of goal.

3. Not knowing your syllabus- Your syllabus helps give direction to your study. It enables you to know your program and helps you tend to them adequately. Knowing your syllabus on your first day at school should be your aim. As it also helps you get the needed materials and avoid buying unnecessary one.

4. Being unprepared and unorganized – This mistake comes as a result of Procrastination. Being unprepared before your resumption to school is a huge mistake. How prepared and organized you are on your first day of resumption can determine how much of a success you will enjoy during your session. Lack of preparation and organization going back to school can be frustrating ,as cases of forgotten school materials pump up. Ensure to be well prepared for each of your academic sessions.

5. Lack of adequate sleep – Most students sleep during class as a result of not sleeping enough. Lack of adequate sleep causes students to doze off during lectures and this distracts them a lot . As the sleep for the whole duration of the class without getting any knowledge. Ensure to always catch enough sleep before every class ,as sleep helps the brain relaxes more ,do not deprive it of this.


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