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MegaCon is our abbreviation for CGMi Mega-Conference. It is the third time in our 50 year history that we are congregating worldwide believers and all attendees of our annual conventions (Youths, Teenagers, Students, Women & Men) to collectively worship, become empowered and positioned to transform!

Over 30,000 attendees are expected to descend on Benin City for this exciting and unparalleled conference which is aimed at creating synergy among members of the church and maximizing the potential of same to generate efficient advancement of the Great Commission.

We are empowered to succeed and this consensus will strengthen and unify the body and position the church for both national and global transformation.

What to Expect in 2021 MegaCon

The experience in MegaCon is filled with lots of unforgettable moments. Word & Worship Sessions, Meeting friends across borders, Consecration of Bishops & lots more

Are We Gathering Physically or Online?

The plan is to gather physically at the Balm of Gilead and also provide Online Livestream to delegates who will be watching from any location. COVID-19 safety measures would be in effect for physical gatherings.

How do I get Registered for MegaCon?

All Categories of individuals are Captured for Registration. Check www.cgmi-megacon.com for your category and click to register Online or register with your Bishopric/Zonal MegaCon Rep




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