Affordable American MBA degree in Nigeria ($180/month)


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Dreaming bigger than your current job? Want to learn the art of startup, digital, tech, or leadership? Join America’s online university for global leaders from Nigeria.

  • An American MBA, 100% online in Nigeria for $180/month.
  • Complete your MBA in an average of 18 months (average total cost $3,240).
  • Choose to graduate at our ceremony in Washington DC, or at home with your family and friends. Wherever you celebrate, you’ll get a globally recognized, accredited degree.
  • Designed for busy professionals like you who need flexibility.
  • Get access to LinkedIn Learning at no extra cost

Nexford University was established to make exceptional online higher education more accessible and affordable. A Nexford MBA is designed for experienced professionals, ready to move forward in life. Perhaps you’re pivoting from one career to another or accelerating in your current trajectory.

Nexford is an American university licensed by HELC in Washington DC with international accreditation from ASIC – and globally recognized by CMI, Quality Matters, and the NSLS. Affordable American MBA degree in Nigeria ($180/month)

To find out more about applying to Nexford, or anything else, sign up and we will be in touch with you.

So what are you still waiting for? Join a next-generation university today.

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