Tiger Kills Female Zookeeper In London

| May 30, 2017


Tiger Kills Female Zookeeper In London

A tiger killed a female zookeeper Monday at a zoo 80
miles north of London .

“A tiger had entered an enclosure with a keeper. Sadly
the female zookeeper died at the scene,”
Cambridgeshire Police said in a statement.

Police said they were called to Hamerton Zoo Park late
Monday morning.The tiger never escaped from the
enclosure, and police said foul play was not suspected
in the keeper’s death.

Visitors were evacuated when the incident began and an
air ambulance was summoned to provide emergency
help for the victim.

A visitor evacuated from the zoo told BBC:

“I was taking pictures of the leopards. The parrots were
flying and squeaking and going berserk.

“Then staff were running towards the tigers and lions
area. We were all told to leave the park. But after 20
minutes everyone was allowed back in.

“Staff asked us to leave again. They’re not saying what
happened. However, they were great. They were calm,
just doing their job.”


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