OAU Final Year Student Stabbed To Death (See Photos)

| May 20, 2017


OAU Final Year Student Stabbed To Death (See Photos)

Ayoola Ayorinde aka AYbillion, a Theatre Arts
student of O.A.U, was on Wednesday stabbed to death
while heading home from campus. The father of a 4-
month-old child he fathered with his course mate, was
planning to submit his final year project when the
incident occurred.

According to IB9JA, He was walking home with his
brother, because he stayed off campus. His brother was
walking some few steps away from him as he was
pressing his phone, when two men came with a bike
and stab him right on the chest and zoom off.

He removed the knife and tried chasing them, but he
couldn’t go far. He fell and was rushed to the hospital,
the place was stitched, he stayed for another 4 hours,
but later died.


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