How To Make Money on Facebook? See Top 5 Ideas

| March 22, 2017


Do you know what you should do to start making money on Facebook? Where to start and what to invest in to get paid for your activity on this social network? Read on to find out.


These days, as more and more people are suing Facebook, we hear them share how one day they turned their experience of using this social network from the simple fun activity into a real goldmine.

If you are anything like us, then you have already asked this question many times and still, wonder how people manage to make money on Facebook.

We have conducted a deep research and have decided to introduce you to several ways of how this can work for you too. So, if you are interested, just keep reading, and maybe you will make a move into this niche as well.

Become a writer

If you are experienced in a particular area, then there is always an option of writing an eBook for you. It might sound like a huge chunk of work, and even though it might be, the benefits it will bring should motivate you to start working on it. Once the book is done, you can advertise it on Facebook through an individual account for your brand.

The process of creating an eBook can take up to several months. It is important to remember that it is not different from the actual book writing. The only thing is that the book will come out in an electronic version.


Become a copywriter

Another option of how you can make money via Facebook is by writing selling texts for different companies. Most of the companies today have profiles on Facebook. There are many reasons for it. The main one is that that is where the people are, and if they want to meet those people and convert them from unique visitors to regular customers, they should be present in the social network.



Create a page on Facebook

This is an excellent way to make money too. You should create a new page on Facebook. However, it is not just any page, but rather a so-called “fan page” which evolves around some activities people enjoy or famous people, brands, etc.

Now, as you have created such a page, make sure to post interesting content on it regularly. Make people like it and engage in interesting conversations. Bear in mind to read the Terms of using such pages carefully if you don’t want Facebook to ban or close your page altogether.

Professionals recommend posting something every day and even several times a day. To keep users entertained and interested, you should be present there at all times.

Finally, after you have started a page and got at least several thousands of users who like what you are doing, you can proceed to the “Shop something” website and arrange all the ads you want to have. State that you are running and page and fully own it as well as your desired payment for a post.

It is essential to set a price which will attract people and make them want to order an advertisement on your page. However, set prices which keep you happy. You don’t want to work for free, so, set good prices for all your effort. Thus, you can also start making money on Facebook by offering different businesses a chance to promote their products on your page.

Sell fan pages

You can also create fan pages for some celebrities or products and then sell them for real money to other people willing to run them and make money on the advertisements posted there. So, if you are good with sales, then maybe starting such a page is a good idea.

Just make sure that people will be interested in the content you are writing about a particular thing as well as that there are no too many analogs for such a page.

Join an affiliate program

Finally, one of the most popular choices for people willing to make money online is an affiliate program. To put it short, such programs can be of great use for those individuals who have profiles with many subscriptions on Facebook.

They say that “Affiliate programs provide you with a unique ID and marketing materials, and then pays you a commission based on how much business you generate. So try to find a Good Affiliate marketing website and start earning”.

The good thing is that you don’ have to invest anything to become an affiliate. All you need to do is to register with such a program and get your account approved there. If some companies want you to pay first, then you should know that it might be some sort of scam.

Be careful with it. Start with some small companies to learn how it works first, and then you can even become an affiliate at giants like Amazon or eBay. Just get the ball rolling, and you will start making money in no time.

Here is how it works

  1. Find a company of several of them where you want to be an affiliate. Don’t worry that the process will be of too much work: companies strive to make this procedure as simple as possible to attract more affiliates. So, usually, it takes up to a couple of minutes.
  2. Then, connect a group you have on Facebook and an account you created as an affiliate of a certain company. The only thing left for you now is creating quality content to draw traffic to your Facebook page and links to the products of the companies’ you work as an affiliate for.
  3. You will get money for every click made on your page to the age of the company in question.

These are the fastest and safest ways to make money on Facebook. All of them require certain skills and determination, as you won’t get the money in a week. However, with a little bit of patience and desire to start earning can make all the difference.

Don’t believe in any Facebook lotteries, as they often turn out to be scams. So, be careful and earn money using legitimate methods. Other than that, consider which of these methods you like the most, and start earning the Internet money right now! Good luck!


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