My dad doesn’t want to help my mum financially, girl laments

| May 8, 2017


My dad doesn’t want to help my mum financially, girl laments

From a female blog reader:

Please keep me anonymous I need your
help. I am from the family of Six. My dad,
mum, I and my three siblings. Now this is
the problem. My dad stopped working when
I was in SS2 then my mum had to run up
and down in other to finance my education
and that of my younger ones (I am the first
child) my mum isn’t one rich woman all she
does is to hustle so her children won’t
suffer and with this recession Nigeria is
facing things has not easy for her. Now I
am done with my university education,
serving the Federal government (My mum
sponsored all that to, together with my
younger ones). Bfor I forget my mum was
rili sick when I was in 100 level and I was
scared she was gonna die bcz the sickness
was so serious that she went in coma for
three good days, with all this my isn’t still
moved he just eats, sleep and that’s all
making my mum cater for every
responsibility in the house. She is suffering
from diabetes and still can’t struggling a
lot, u need to see her, she looks older than
her age because of the stress and all my
dad does is jus to eat, sleep and he is now
looking younger than the woman that is
really struggling so that he can eat.

Now, The second child of the family just gained admission
and my mum as bin trying her possible best to make
things work out for him in school but it has not been very

Bob what can I do about my dad’s case? I tot God said
Women should assist the men bt in this case it’s diff she
has bin d one doin everything and still he has not been
assisting her at all, my mum has complained abt nd
complained but still no changes, she told his family
members about this but still no changes. What can be
done please to make him change and the most annoying
part is that he is an evangelist of a particular church, the
pastor of the church just act like he knows nothing is
happening in our family, he does not care, he does not even
help financially I need people’s advice


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