Are You A Blogger? See Some Html Codes You Need To Know For Designing And Editing Your blog

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Today I want to talk about some HTML codes that a blogger must know, the HTML Codes are very useful for designing your site and templates. A lot of bloggers doesnt know HTML and it will be very difficult for him to edit and designing his blog and templates.
So this HTML is used in linking in the templates.

Now this HTML Codes will be written and the uses of them will be written.

  1. <b> </b> :- This used for bolding text in HTML. To use this you will write the text you want to bold inside it for example.                  <b>Hotgist </b>.
  2. <strong> </strong> :- This is also like the bold test, it is used to strong a text, and it will be very bold than the normal bold.
  3. <td> </td> :- This is used to create a table is HTML, You can create a table by starting with <tr> and ending with </tr>.For Example <tr><td> Hotgist</td> <td>Home Of Technology Updates</td> </tr>. That is all.
  4. <hr> </hr> :- This is used for making horizontal line in HTML.

5. <I> </I> :- This means itallic so it will make the words be in itallic form.

How To Add A Link In Html.
To add a link in HTML you will have to
Type This
<a href=’The Link Here’>The Title Of The thing on the link will be here</a>
That is all For Now.
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