Amazing facts you never knew about PONZI SCHEMES

It’s no big deal that some people have built a mansion from the money they got from Ponzi, the same way some people have also lost their entire savings to Ponzi.. Facts

Well, let me set aside  a moment of silence for those that lost to Ponzi.

Okay we are good, now let’s see some facts about Ponzi.


  • Do you know that at least 50 scam Ponzi sites are created everyday in Nigeria.
  • Do you know that most scam sites are launched at night?
  • Do you know that sites that promises 100% returning investment hardly survive for three months (no matter how big the platform is)
  • From January to 1st March close over 3,000 sites have been launched
    Out of the 3,000 only few survived till date.
  • Most sites that promotes bitcoin hardly crash.
  • Ponzi is different from pyramid
    But people love Ponzi more than pyramid.
  • Highest scam site recorded was through WhatsApp pH and GH room ( too bad, I was a victim)
  • Do you know that Ponzi have existed more than you can imagine
  • Do you know that the easiest way to make money is through Ponzi
  • Do you also know that the easiest way to lose money is also Ponzi
  • Do you know that if you promote a Ponzi in nairaland you will be banned for two days.
  • Do you know that it was a group of people crashed MMM in Nigeria ( not guilders)
  • Do you also know that some people bought a new phone and laptop to participate in Ponzi
  • Do you also know that bitcoin became one of the high rated currency because of Ponzi
  • You gain more in Ponzi when you run on bitcoin
  • Do you know that some sites launched at night might be owned by a guy in your next street.
  • Do you know that you can be merged with a participants in another country when you run on bitcoin.
  • Do you know that you will hardly loose cash when you follow our updates news

Let me drop the Biro here

Ponzi is great when you participate in trusted platforms,
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